Immanuel Counseling Ministries

Everyone experiences pain in his or her life at some point. Immanuel Counseling Ministries helps by reaching the hurting with the hope of Christ.

A woman's story:

“I’ve been married six times. My father molested me as a baby. Momma was drunk all the time. A car hit my brother while we were throwing the Frisbee, and I lost my only friend. I was put in an orphanage. My father kidnapped me. The molestation started again. I got pregnant by my boyfriend. I quit school, took the GED and learned a trade. My son got into drugs and later committed suicide.”

We all know someone like Mary who is broken, hurting and has no place to turn. Through a physician referral, she became a client of Immanuel Counseling Ministries. Often, the local church is not equipped to provide counseling services to those whose lives are so deeply broken. Immanuel exists to:

  • Reach those individuals who are desperate, hurting and otherwise forgotten with the hope, love and compassion of Christ.
  • Offer sound Biblical counseling in the areas such as: anxiety, depression, anger, sexual, emotional and physical abuse, marital problems, family issues, unemployment, gender identity and ministry burnout.
  • Equip individuals with tools and life skills that enable them to overcome their challenges and become productive members of society.

The mission of Immanuel Counseling Ministries is to provide practical and affordable Christ-centered counseling to individuals, groups and families.

Mary continues, “Once I was talking with Rev. Williams, and he asked where God fit into my life. As we talked more, he would read from the Bible, which later was given to me along with some tracts. This was different. All of a sudden I needed God. I didn’t like that. I had never needed anyone. That night, I thought I would bust if I didn’t ask God to save me. I started to cry like I have never cried in my life. God saved me! Since then I have gotten baptized, received more counseling and am seeing a real change.”

With the transforming power of Christ and the help of Immanuel Counseling Ministries, Mary’s story is one of redemption.

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